Principal's Desk

From Principal's Desk

We at the teaching fraternity is boomed by GOD with the blessing of the presence of children around us during our entire life; whose world is alwats full excitement, freshness, quest, and innovation.

The role of school and its teachers are to identify the potential and help them to bring out this best by creating and atmosphere full of freedom, opportunities, galore and abundant resources.

We at SRH Academy believe in providing thse avenues to our students. Apart from it we also feel that school is absolutely essential to import skills and knowledge for facing their future challenges of life after school and assist them to giving moral ethincs and behaviour pattern with which they will be able to unteract with society. School also provide a beautiful blend of culture, color, cast and religion, trait and values.

We try to create a healthy atmosphere so that children can imbibe many traits of its personality and modulate them to think in right direction.

  • Malleable Study Time

    Certified Teachers

    At SRJ, education is being provided by Certified Teachers having qualification like B.Ed, M.Ed, M. Phil.

  • Placement Assistance

    Academic Calendar

    The Academic Calendar serves as an information source and planning document for students, faculty, staff and departments, as well as outside organizations.

  • Easy To Access


    A syllabus or specification is an academic document that communicates information about a specific course and defines expectations and responsibilities. S.R.J. follows CBSE Syllabus. .

  • Study on the Go

    Computer Lab

    Information Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. At our School we have reposed its importance by having computer labs in the junior and senior wing of the School.

  • Get an Innovative, In-depth Transition


    Reading is one of the best activities and hobbies that children can indulge in. It not only improves their general knowledge and awareness, but also works wonders to improve their communication skills and vocabulary.

  • Practical & Interactive Participation

    Play Ground

    We give a lot of importance to develop and work on the talent of our students in the field of sports. Therefore, to provide each student with an option of choosing a sport of their liking and giving them an ideal space to practice and play.